Sabine Betschart is a self taught professional photographer originally from Switzerland.

A background in art and music, she captures a moment and makes it magical.
Her good sense for what is special makes her photography stand out.
She has a good eye for colors and forms and movements and always tries to incorporate that into her Photography.

Becoming a Mom in late 2006 taught her how to work with children. She developed a good sense for the
real feelings and situations that makes a picture feel life like.
She learned very quickly that a small child will not sit still for you and that the photographer has to be the hunter!
Must be willing to go down into the dirt, to get that perfect picture.

Sabine’s first son was her inspiration and she was always chasing after him with her Camera….and still is.

This is her passion and her joy. Capturing a beautiful moment in time is what she loves to do.